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Frequently Asked Questions

"What types of insurance does SEKMCHD accept?"

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, KanCare, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, Medicare, Coventry.


No Insurance? No Problem! Our prices are reasonable for healthcare services and we accept most major credit cards!

"Can I get vaccines for traveling out of the country at SEKMCHD?"

We provide a wide variety of vaccines for both adults and children; however, some vaccines that are needed to travel abroad are only offered at travel clinics. Contact your local health department for a complete list of vaccines that are offered.


Find a nearby travel immunization clinic.

"Am I able to have lab work done at SEKMCHD?"

Our public health nurses are qualified to draw lab specimens for a variety of tests. Your blood specimen is drawn and sent to a properly licensed laboratory for analysis. A written doctors order is required for many labs. Please call your local health department for further details.


"Can I get lab draws (blood work) done at SEKMCHD?"

Yes! We can draw your blood and then send off to a licensed lab. We can draw for several different tests ranging from CBC's and Thyroid testing to HIV and Drug Screens. If the test you are needing is not one we currently do, we will be happy to make arrangements to provide the testing for you.

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