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Ask A Nurse

with Bourbon County Public Health Nurse

Hannah Geneva, RN

(620) 223-4464

Answers to common health questions for everyday situations.

Summer Q&A

Insect Repellent​

Q: My child plays outside quite a bit during the summer months and I noticed that she had some scratches on her skin. Is it all right to spray insect repellent on those areas?

A: Insect repellent should not be applied on cuts, wounds or irritated skin.

Q: Do I need to remove the insect repellent on my child after we come back inside for the day?

A: Insect repellent needs to be washed off their skin with soap and water.

Q: How do I apply insect repellent to my child's face?

A: Insect repellent should be applied to your hand first and then rubbed onto the child's face.

Q: I was going to prepare a picnic lunch for me and my children tomorrow. Is it safe to spray the area with insect repellent?

A: Insect repellent should not be sprayed near food or enclosed areas. You can spray the area then put out your food, keeping in mind to not have the food touch the surface where you sprayed.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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