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Ask A Nurse

Alice Maffett, RN

Bourbon County
Public Health Hurse

“Ask a Nurse”

March 2018

March Nutrition Month

Q: Which is better for me to consume- 100% fruit juices or whole fruits?

A: It is better to choose whole fruits which could include- fresh, frozen, dried and

canned options.

Q: I try to eat some vegetables every day, but how many servings do I really


A: It is recommended that you eat 3 servings of vegetables a day. Vegetables

that are a deep rich color contain a greater amount of vitamins/nutrition.

Q: I hear a lot about whole grains. Are they really better than refined grains?

A: Whole grains are more beneficial for you. Whole grains add additional fiber

into your diet as well as nutrition.

Q: What foods do you consider as a protein?

A: Protein foods include both animal (seafood, meat, poultry, and eggs) and plant

sources (nuts, beans and peas, seeds, and soy products).