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Ask A Nurse

Alice Maffett, RN

Bourbon County
Public Health Hurse

“Ask a Nurse”

Sept. 2018

Q: My child attends our local school. When I enrolled her, I signed a waver for the immunizations that were required. Why do some schools exclude students when there is an outbreak of something like chickenpox/Varicella.

A: The Kansas statute 72-5211a.states: School boards may exclude students who have not completed the required inoculations. The decision rests with each school board.

Q: How is proof on immunity from Varicella disease determined to the school?

A: The Advisory Committee of Immunization Practice (ACIP) and the Kansas Immunization Program endorse the following criteria for verification of Varicella immunity: documentation of age-appropriate vaccination with a Varicella vaccine is: preschool-aged children need 1 dose after 12 months old, school-aged children, adolescents, and adults need 2 doses. If they have had varicella disease, then laboratory evidence of the immunity needs to be presented to the school personnel. You can also have the child’s physician provide verification of the history of varicella disease that you could present to the school.

Q: Is documentation of Varicella disease by a health department acceptable for school entry?

A: Yes, a provider of immunization services may document history of Varicella disease since they make the determination of whether or not to administer Varicella vaccine based on the patient’s vaccination or disease history. Health departments administer vaccines under the authority of standing orders from a physician.

Q: Where can I find the list of diseases that my child will be required to show as proof of immunity against before they enter school?

A: Kansas Register Regulations Vol. 27, No. 26, June 26, 2008 Department of Health and Environment Permanent Administrative Regulations, Article1.- DISEASES, 28-1-20.