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Ask A Nurse

Alice Maffett, RN

Bourbon County
Public Health Hurse

Q: I’m worried about being prepared during an emergency. What are some steps that I should take to be prepared?

A: An important step would be to sign up for alerts and warnings in your area. You can contact your county emergency preparedness manager, local law enforcement office or fire department for this information. It will be important to make a plan for what you and your loved ones should do if a disaster/emergency should occur.

Q: My family is trying to develop a plan in case of emergencies, but we do not know what items to list that we should have handy. What are a few suggestions?

A: Some important items to consider when you are making a list are: medications that are routinely taken, dietary needs (diabetics or others with medical conditions), food and water for several days, clothing for hot or cold weather, flashlights, batteries, pet care, …etc. You can contact your local Red Cross agency for a more detailed list that would be helpful to pack.

Q: I have tried to discuss emergency preparedness with my family, but we are all unsure on how it will go if an emergency should occur. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Practice makes perfect is the old saying and it applies to this situation as well. Now that your family, coworkers or community has a plan; the wisest thing to do is to practice that plan so that everyone will know their part to do during a disaster/emergency. Join your local emergency preparedness committee (LEPC) and participate in their efforts to prepare your community during disasters of all kinds.

September is “Emergency Preparedness Month”, for additional information you can go to: